Promote Small to Medium Enterprises

We will start at the beginning to understand what it is you do, what you want to be in the marketplace and what your current internal process is for delivery.  We will provide practical advice at all levels, from a light touch in getting the best out of free resources available to maximise visibility for contracting opportunities, right through to bid strategy, preparation and submission. 

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Bid Team Development Bid
Bid &
Proposal Writing


  • Optimising contracting opportunities
  • Bid success rate
  • Internal data mining


  • Market direction, trends, research
  • Don't miss the opportunities
  • Framework expiry dates


  • Assess criteria
  • Drivers & concerns that impact the scheme


  • Review Masterplan
  • Produce deliverables
  • Allocate time & resource


  • Project set up
  • Systems
  • Structure
  • On track
  • Develop the bid


  • Design & branding
  • Copywriting & development
  • Case studies & Team CV's
  • Bid Review & editing
  • Pitch & Presentation


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